Initial and continuos training

Simulscan platform presents all the functional characteristics of the educational path necessary for screeners to obtain initial certification and to comply with the continuous training requirements (6 hours every 6 months) foreseen for the three-year recertification (requisites within Reg. (EU) 185/2010, Chapter 11 letter b) third paragraph).

With Simulscan you can create various tailored training course events, ie: customized simulation sessions with the following main features:

  • possibility of choosing the level of difficulty of interpretation of the single baggage
  • possibility of choosing also the presence of a specific threat within the baggage
  • performance evaluation with a first score (ability to identify prohibited articles) and a second score (overall ability to evaluate the displayed contexts taking into account the ability to apply the correct procedures)
  • detailed and advanced reporting always accessible to the instructor that records the performance of each session (partial) and aggregates the results of the 6 cycles (total of 3 years)
  • dynamic creation of the certificate in PDF format, complete with all data concerning the user's experience (time, average score) and ready for the instructor's signature


The platform allows you to create the specific event-course in order to get the initial certification, usually provided at the presence of an instructor in a specially equipped classroom.
The instructor can:

  • Automatically, the system generates a 10hr training certificate and can be customized by the trainer according to his training needs
  • Trainer is free to choose the number of bags to be analysed by trainees
  • Trainer may decide the level of difficulty of x-ray images in the session (3 levels of difficulty)


The continuous training (6h / 6m) of Simulscan, according to the new legislation, has the following characteristics:
  • 10 sessions made of 15 image contexts per month (equivalent to 1 hour training per month)
  • cycles of 6-month sessions (6 course-events), up to 3 years established by the European Commission for the achievement of the certification of continuous frequency


Simulscan is also an environment of free training only, suitable for all screener needing to enhance their ability to recognize specific threats in bags
The instructor is able to:
  • freely choose the number of bags to be processed during the training session
  • decide the level of difficulty of the contexts within the session (3 levels of difficulty)
  • also decide to select the category of threats to be vuisualized within bags (8 different categories of threats), in order to enable screeners to improve their ability to analyze x-ray images