Tsa Prep Test

What Is the TSA Computer-Based Test (CBT)?

Gaining a job with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is extremely competitive, but the salary and benefits make it worth it. TSA's hiring process includes six steps: computer-based exam, color vision exam, interview, drug screening, medical evaluation, and background investigation. It is important that you prepare yourself in advance for the computer-based exam as it is the first hard test in the hiring process. A high score in this test opens you the door for different TSA positions.

The TSA Exam is the test you are required to complete to become an inspector, manager, air marshal, or security officer. The test is a multiple-choice test, to be completed in two and a half hours. The TSA exam evaluates your skills in recognizing common objects, screener awareness, and how you handle customer service. There are two different parts of the TSA's CBT; writing skills, and x-ray test.

TSA Writing Skills Test

The writing part of the exam evaluates your knowledge and understanding of English grammar, syntax, word usage, and paragraph organization. In this TSA English test, you will need to organize sentences into a paragraph. You will also be asked to identify proper corrections to make a sentence.

TSA X-Ray Test

This part of the exam is considered the hardest part of the test. In the x-ray test, you will be presented with images of items that have gone through security administration X-Ray machine. You will then have only a few moments to review the item and quickly identify the item you have been instructed to find. The types of things you might be asked to identify are harmful items such as; guns, bottles, drugs, shoes, or electronics.

How is the Test Scored?

It is important to know that you will be scored for correct answers only. There is no penalty for wrong responses. This means that it makes sense to answer to all questions rather than skipping any.

Why is it Important to Prepare in Advance for the TSA Exam?

Candidates who pass all the steps of the hiring process and evaluations are placed into one of three groups. The first group are deemed “best qualified”: this means they received a superior level on all six steps in the hiring process. The second group are considered “highly qualified” : this includes applicants who receive satisfactory level on the interview components. The third group are deemed as “qualified”: those are candidates who meet the minimum qualifications. Those that fall in the "best qualified" category have the best opportunity to get the position they want.

How can You Prepare for the TSA Exam?

By practicing in advance, you increase your chances of scoring into a better qualified group and getting the job you want. Subscribe our partner JobTestPrep’s TSA preparation pack. Their preparation includes access to the most comprehensive practice resources for the different tests of the exam and a study guide. The writing skill assessment practice includes eighteen different practice tests including vocabulary, writing, and grammar drills. The x-ray practice includes 13 practice tests with identification of x-ray images.  The study guide outlines the different methods for analyzing x-ray images. Ensure you get the job you want by practicing in advance.

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