SIMULSCAN x-ray screening simulator

Simulscan is a web-based CBT entirely dedicated to initial and recurrent training of x-ray screeners employed in security activities at airports, seaports and other sensitive locations such as prisons, courthouses and military sites.

Created by a team of professional instructors and experts in the field of aviation security, Simulscan is the most innovative and efficient tool to enhance screeners image interpretation skills along with their ability to apply correct procedures according to the visualized context. 

Simulscan meets all requirements set by Reg. (UE) 1998/2015 and it is ideal for initial and recurrent training, as well as for certification exams.

Entirely dedicated to initial and continuous training of x-ray screeners working in security activities in airports, maritime ports and other places subject to security checks such as prisons, barracks and mail sorting centers.

SimulScan is in copmpliance with Reg. (EU) 2015-1998, TSA and IATA standards

SimulScan may be applied for initial and continuos training (6x6) and for certification tests as well.